Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly WODs 7.29-8.4


WOD - For Time!
400m run
30 DL (85#)
400m run
25 DL
400m run
20 DL
400m run
15 DL

Completed: 28m 15s

It was 100 degrees out there... ridiculous heat to run in. I ended up walking half of my runs. There was a 30 min cap on this... I barely finished, but I finished! A big thanks to Mandy for giving me the option to half it, but allowing me the chance to push myself and finish it all!


Guts - with Mandy & Bucky

15 sit-ups
10 knees-to-elbows
200m run

Completed: 4 rounds + 15 sit-ups

then... 50 Russian twists (10#)


400m run for time! 1m 50s (into the box for time check)

WOD - for technique, not time
20 clean & jerk  75#/65#
30 front squats  65#/55#
35 strict pull-ups (green+blue bands)

Shannon and I both were pouty-whiney-butts after this workout because NOTHING felt right. A big thanks to all of our coaches for the help, encouragement, and pep-talks.


Pool WOD with Nichole!

3 Rounds for time!

Swim D&B
10 air squats
Swim D&B
10 push-ups
Swim D&B
10 sit-ups
Swim D&B
5 burpees

Completed: 16 min

This was awesome... I think we need a pool at the box to sub swimming for running in this dang heat! Great, quick workout to start the weekend since I couldn't make it for the Saturday WOD at the box. Thanks for participating, Nichole! :)

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