Friday, August 10, 2012

"Are you having anymore kids?"

Real life conversation with my kid brother:
Greyson: "Are you having anymore kids?"
Me: "Probably. But not any time soon. Why?"
Greyson: "I was just wondering. I really want another nephew... or a niece..."
Me: "Oh. Okay."
Greyson: "So have you thought about where you're going to send your kids to school?"
Me: "Not really."
Greyson: "Well, I think you should send them to East Memorial with me, so I can watch out for them."

Then we proceeded to figure out how old/what grade Carter would be in when Greyson will be graduating. The joys of having a brother 14 years younger than me, and only 8 years older than my kid! Greyson acts more grown up every day... and he just started 3rd grade! This conversation ensued on our way home, since I picked him up for my mom. He has the sweetest, kindest spirit, and I pray that Carter mimics him in more than looks. He's been a great uncle, and absolutely adores Carter. We may fight like we're only 4 years apart, but I love this kid with all my heart.

sharing his milkshake

he couldn't wait for C to try out his new swing

they rode around for half an hour... and smelled like outside
when they were finished! ewww...

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