Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crossfit Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner! Here's a list of possible gift selections for the Crossfit-crazy person in your life. I better be getting a few of these. *coughJoshcough*

Stocking Stuffers:
Lacrosse balls
Tiger balm
Socks… good ones
Body glide
Head bands
Lifting gloves
Power straps
Custom jumprope
Blender bottles
Gift certificate for sports massage
Epsom salt
Eye black

Under the tree:
Foam rollers
Gym bag
Custom Nanos
Oly lifting shoes
Athletic clothing
Custom kettlebell
Plyo box
A giant tire

For the Competitors:
Pop-up tent
Portable chairs
Giant rolling cooler
Battery powered fans

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Josh has been training really hard. He has the fever. He wants to go to The Games.
Lift. Run. Push. Pull. Jump. Squat. Climb. REPEAT.
Duct tape divas 
500# deadlift
Handstand push-ups 
 Double unders
The Open starts in March. He'll be competing here and there between now and then in some local events. Next up is the X's and Y's competition on December 1st. He'll be teaming up with our box's owners cousin - Beth - for this male/female team event. Yesterday they had "practice" and ran through one of the WODs for the competition. I participated in the first part of their workout, but had to leave because C's bag started leaking. I missed the main WOD, but heard it went well. Below are some photos from the first part of our workout...
 Britt - 125# front squat
 Josh's 44" box jump
 Mandy jumps high...
...And then higher. 40.5" box jump

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to give a Rottweiler meds

Veterinary medicine has come a long way. Heartworm treatments now come in chewable form and smell like delicious beefy treats. Apparently my dog is smart, though. He's wise to the pharmaceutical tricks, and refuses to stupidly scarf the little nugget of beefy goodness I offer every month. So, if you have a dog that's as smart as Mav, try the following steps.

1. Pretend you're coming in for a hug
2. Put 130 lb Rott in a headlock
3. Pry open jaws of steel
4. Insert hand with pill past razor sharp teeth and into throat
5. Remove hand quickly and pray all fingers come back intact
6. Immediately clamp both hands around snout and repeat the following
pattern until dog swallows giant pill *blow in face, rub throat, beg
for mercy as he struggles to get out of your hands and gag at the same

We do this routine on the first of every month. I've become a pro, kind of. But, I like this guy's sweet face and don't want his heart to be strangled by those nasty worms - so it's worth it!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crossfit Intrigue: My Box Just Got Bigger!

This week the wall came down! Our gym is now twice it's original size, and the members seem to be enjoying it. Check out our new open space!

Jake Baker - contractor/builder