Saturday, July 28, 2012

WOD 7.28.12

My First "Big Kid" WOD

Warm Up
400m run
20 lunges
20 situps
20 ham swings
2 min squat hold

Squat Jumps
Crunch ins (plank, right knee under body toward left elbow, vice versa)
Crunch outs (plank, right knee to right elbow, vice versa)
30 sec plank hold

Quad Rolls
Ham Rolls
I.t. Band

Y'all. This WOD was hard. It took me a whopping 47 minutes to finish, but I did every last rep. I'll do the math for you - that's 200 reps of each of those exercises, plus six 30 second planks. My legs were jello. My wrists were sore. I was nearly drowning in a pool of my own sweat. I was mentally cursing my husband for signing me up for this crap. My BFF Shannon was cheering me on the last 14 minutes since she had already finished, and helping me push through my sets (thanks for that, chick). And I'll be back for more on Monday.

Just a heads up, I'm doing my weekly paleo meal plans on myfitnesspal. My username is dsmith31, so if you want access to my food journal, find me and friend me!


Notable Quotables

Shannon: "A bee stung me on the eye on my bike ride this morning. Actually, I think it just bit me. I was really sweaty and salty."
Me: "Yeah, he just wanted to suck your face."

Shannon, during the warm up: "Man, my legs are toast."
Me: "That's what you get for trying to be a triathlete and a crossfitter."
Shannon: "I know, I like to spread my mediocrity among many activities."

Me: "Is this as weird for you as it is for me?"
Josh: "What?"
Me: "Doing Crossfit together."

Josh: "Where are you at?"
Me: "My 20 set."
Josh: "You're breaking too much."
Me: *un-bloggable*

Jake: "You feel alright?"
Me: "No."
Jake: "Good! If it feels good you aren't doin' somethin' right!"
Me: *eye-roll*

Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Ramp: Day 9 - Graduation!

Congratulations to the July 2012 RRCF On Ramp Class!

We had Mandy and Bucky tonight for our last class of On Ramp! We are officially graduates, and as ready as we'll ever be for the "big kid class"! We survived 9 days in this July heat, but it was worth it for all the fun we had! I hope to see all of my classmates at the 0900 class Saturday morning! Now, on to the good stuff!

Warm Up
200m run
10 air squats
10 burpees
10 ham swings
10 DNR

400m Run for TIME!
1m 45s
(based off of our first timed run on Day 4, this was my goal time for a month out - I'm just a tiny bit proud of myself!)

3x3 Clean & Jerks (2x55#, 1x65#)
Power Cleans (1 Rep Max) 95#
Front Squat (2-3 Rep Max) 100#


Tabata Guts!
4 rounds situps
4 round Russian twists (10#)


Notable Quotables

"Quit pouting and lift that sucker!"
- Me to Shannon

"So when's the blood ceremony?..."
- Me, on graduating On Ramp and officially being a member of the Crossfit "cult"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making Macronutrients Make Sense

A diet like paleo can be overwhelming because it's so different from every other diet. It's not portion control (unless you want that as well - that's where the Zone comes in). It's not low-carb. It's not Atkins, or South Beach, or Weight Watchers... so people are fearful. "What do I do if I don't have time to prepare for my day and have to eat out?" You can make good choices. "What if I don't like red meats." Eat chicken and fish. The thing I love about paleo is that I can eat whatever I want as long as it's clean. There are no points. There is no measuring. I don't have to count calories. It's really a SIMPLE diet that our minds perceive as hard.
Several people in the nutrition class yesterday were asking for examples of meals. Here are some that I came up with that fit the 3 macronutrient format.

Butters (almond, peanut, clarified)
Milks (almond, coconut)
Nuts & seeds
Breakfast Combos
Scrambled eggs
Oil/butter (eggs)
Protein shake*
Peanut butter
Protein powder*
Almond milk
Egg Muffin
Almond butter
Snack Combos
Lunch meat*
Peanut butter
Protein shake*
Almond butter
Boiled egg
Chicken tenderloin
Chia seeds
Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Avocado (eggs)
Beef jerky
Lunch Combos
Grilled chicken
Grilled chicken nuggets
Fruit cup
Honey mustard*
Pulled pork
Vinegar Coleslaw
Oil (slaw)
Hamburger patty
Sweet potato fries
Oil (fries)
Dinner Combos
Pork tenderloin
Roasted veggies
Oil (veggies)
Sweet potato
Clarified butter (potato)
Steamed veggies
Clarified butter (veggies)
Hamburger patty
Sweet potato fries
Ground turkey
Tomato sauce/zucchini pasta
Oil (zucchini)
Chicken breasts
Clarified butter

Notes & Pointers:
- Anything with a * in the menu above, you need to check the label or make it yourself, it may have added sugars
- Oil/vinegar based dressings and dips are okay as long as they don't have added sugar
- Mustard is okay as long as it's strictly mustard seed and vinegar (French's is good)
- Ketchup has sugar -- NO GO!
- Spices are your friends -- go easy on the salt
- Stevia or agave are natural sweeteners, and some variations of paleo allow for raw honey and pure maple syrup -- however, try to limit your sweeteners!
- Coconut milk or almond milk are great for coffee - make sure they don't have added sugars
- Check your lunch meats -- many are packed with preservatives or sugars
- Sausage often contains added sugars (Bob Evans is sugar-free!)
- Applesauce is an easy snack when you get tired of whole fruits -- get it unsweetened (Publix brand is cheap and yummy!)
- Buy ghee, or make your own clarified butter to remove the milk fats
- Avocados are a great source of fats -- count them as fats instead of vegetables

On The Go Options:
Chik-fil-a: grilled chicken nuggets, fruit cup
Steakhouses (Outback, Longhorn): steak, sweet potato with butter
Cracker Barrel: breakfast and lunch options! tons of veggies, proteins, and fats on their menu!
Mexican: fajitas, no tortillas, sour cream, or chips for you!
Olive Garden: mixed grill... this is literally the ONLY thing I could find on their menu to eat while I was on Cat Food Diet. good luck resisting those breadsticks...
Hamburger Joints (aka, McD's, Hardees, BK): hamburger patty, sans bun... Hardee's even has a turkey burger that's pretty awesome, and BK's sweet potato fries are legit

Recipes I've Made & Love:
Zucchini Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
Perfectly Boiled Eggs
Cucumber-Avocado Dressing
Egg Muffins
Clarified Butter

Recipes To Try:
Vinegar Coleslaw
Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Honey Mustard

Easy Crockpot Mexican Chicken:
Bag of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Taco seasoning packet
Half a jar of salsa

Put the chicken (still frozen) in the crockpot. Pour in the half jar of salsa and sprinkle to taco seasoning over the top. Cover and cook on high 4-6 hours. You can shred the chicken with two forks about a half hour before you're ready to eat so it will soak up the flavors. For your non-paleo family members this can be served on tortillas or over nachos. This recipe is TOO easy, and budget friendly!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Ramp: Day 8 - Nutrition Class

Today Josh went over the basics of good nutrition that enhances performance. First thangs first.

A meal includes these 3 MACROnutrients. MACRO, because they're a BIG deal. Got it?


Proteins promote muscle health. Carbs are fuel. Fats are super fuels. Proteins are meats and eggs. Acceptable carbs are fruits and vegetables. We'll talk about grains in a minute. Fats are nuts, oils, seeds, and peanut butter. Each meal should contain one of each of these. If you're missing one of the macronutrients, you might as well have missed a meal completely.

A snack is just a smaller meal. Eating 4-6 meals a day keeps your body fueled and helps control insulin. (cat food flashback...) Food is for fuel and recovery... NOT for treating yourself or for enjoyment. I have a hard time understanding this. I know this in my head, but I really am a food lover, so I'm working to break this bad relationship with food. Pray for me, y'all. Anyway, in case you were wondering - females should aim for 17-20g of protein each meal, 30g for guys.

Grains & Dairy Discussion
I love the way Josh explained this. What does a farmer feed a cow he wants to fatten up quickly for slaughter? Grains. What happens when we eat grains? 'Nuff said. What do we feed babies to help them grow and retain fat? Milk. Whether it's formula or breast milk - we push dairy to children because it promotes growth. Same deal for adults, people. You may say, "Well, I need the calcium." Calcium can be obtained through plenty of fruits and vegetables... and if your source of carbs is fruits and vegetables, chances are you're taking in plenty of calcium. If not, get a vitamin to supplement.

Today Josh never even used the words Paleo or Zone, to my surprise. However, alot of the folks in my class were curious, as surely they'd heard of this before they started Crossfit. For those of you that asked, here's a start-up guide to paleo/zone that also includes links to a block calculator and meal plans.

While my cat food journey gleaned results, I'm looking forward to how my body will react to this Paleo/Zone/Crossfit fusion. I plan on starting next week with a new month. I may even throw in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge somewhere and see just how lean I can get in a month ;) It's all about planning and choices. If you can plan ahead and make good choices, the rest is easy peasy.


Notable Quotables

"What kinda animals graze? Cows. Who wants to look like a cow? If you're gonna eat, eat a meal."
- Josh Carter

"I'd rather be enjoyed than my food be enjoyable."
- Josh Carter

"If it's sweet, spit it out."
- Josh Carter

"I love to talk about poop."
- Shannon... had to throw this one in here :)

On Ramp: Day 7

We had Bucky and Mandy yesterday!

Warm Up
400m run
15 air squats
15 lunges
10 push ups
5 back rolls
10 pass-throughs

With a PVC Pipe
5 PP
5 DL

2-3 rep max Push Press (75#)
20 sit-ups while you wait  (3x)

2-3 rep max Deadlift  (145#)
200m run while you wait  (2x)

McRibs (OUCH!)
Back Rollers (so many bones popped)
Ham Stretch w/bands (Bliss...)

Tonight is our nutrition spiel... Paleo/Zone brainwashing session. I can't wait to hear some about this. I'm kinda familiar with both - Josh tried Zone for a while, and Paleo is basically an easier form of the Cat Food Diet I was on.


Notable Quotables

"If you'll take me to drop my car off, I'll tell you what the WOD is..."
- Shannon's trade-off

Shannon: "We do CrossFit... we're gonna look awesome."
Bennye B: "Says who?"
Shannon: "Says me."
Bennye B: "Well, just because you say it doesn't mean everyone else is thinking it..."
-Shannon and a guy at work

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Ramp: Day 6

Yesterday Shannon talked me into running intervals because I want to lower my time on the 400m run. So, when I got home from work I ran two sets. 1m 47s my first interval, a walk, 1m 50s my second interval, and a walk. My 400 on July 16th was 1m 52s, so now I have a new time to beat :) However, intervals seemed like a bad idea when I saw what was part of our On Ramp class today...

Today we had Josh and Bucky for coaches!

Warm Up
200m run
10 DNR
5 burpees
20 ham swings

With a PVC Pipe
5 DL
5 PC
5 PP

800m Run for Time!
4m 10s

Skills Covered
Power Clean Review
Push Jerk
Clean & Jerk

Man... this felt like the longest class EVER. First of all, I surprised myself with my 800m run (half mile) - my goal was 6 minutes, and I blew that out of the water. PLUS, I was the first girl in, second overall - only because Shannon (aka - Get Away Sticks) has an injury and decided to take it easy :) We spent the rest of the class perfecting our form on the push jerk and clean & jerk. I'm lovin' liftin'! It reminds me a lot of cheerleading (I was a base...) and most of it comes naturally to me. I worked with a couple of really sweet girls today. We were moving 55# for practice, and Hillary and I tried 65# a few times just to get a feel for it. No WOD today... I was a little disappointed about that!

Oh - and Shannon jumped on the big box today!!!! :) I'm so proud of her!


Notable Quotables

"What do I get if I do it?"
- Shannon, while I was talking her into jumping on the "big" box

"Stay in front!"
- Shannon, encouraging me from the finish line on the run

"See, intervals make you faster!"
- Shannon, on my 800m run

"One word... Piatt! I don't know what y'all eat, but I'll be dining with you guys soon!"
- Josh Carter, on the video Hillary posted of my push jerk


I'd also like to mention that I have a pretty awesome husband. When I got home from class, he'd changed C's bag, given him a bath and had him ready for bed, cooked dinner, AND cleaned the kitchen while I was in the shower. Be jealous!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Ramp: Day 5

Mandy and Bucky again today!

Warm Up
down&back karaoke
d&b shuffle
d&b high knees
10 air squats
10 CTF push-ups
10 PVC pass-throughs

With a PVC Pipe
5 deadlifts
5 power cleans
5 press
5 push press
5 front squats
5 thrusters

Skills Covered
ring row
box jumps

with a partner....
12 box jumps - max rep sit-ups
200m run
4 rounds!

Shannon and I partnered up (big surprise, huh?) and killed this WOD in 14min 8sec. I have no idea how many sit-ups I did, but I know I did ALOT that first round while she "found her box." That chick couldn't pick a height to jump on! :) So I took it out on her with a potty break during my 3rd round of sit-ups. I jumped on the "big" box (20in) for the first 2 rounds, and then a tire that was slightly shorter (maybe 18in) for the last 2. Shannon pushed me on the runs.... especially the last one. She had me at a flat-out sprint while she was barely breathing hard. I really had to focus on my breathing during these runs - thanks for bearing with that huffing and puffing, Shannon! For the skills, we were taught how to properly use the resistance bands to assist in pull-ups and dips, and how to help build our strength with the ring rows. I'm a green + blue band for both exercises for now. I can't wait til the day I can do an unassisted pull-up!


Notable Quotables

"Can you ask Josh if I can borrow his box to jump on this weekend?"
- Shannon, via text after class

"I just owned my dining room chair.... how tall was that box? I want to measure and see if it was close."
- Shannon, via text, shortly after the first text

"I just jumped on Davis's bed... it's 22 inches. I've got this."
- Shannon, via text, shortly after the second text

"Go girl! Ok. Now go jump on your bathroom counter."
- Me, to Shannon, via text, in response to her successful "random-items-around-the-house jumps"

"You couldn't do a pull-up without the bands? Or a dip? Well, could you at least do the ring rows?"
- Josh, exasperated by my lack of upper body strength

"How did the box jumps go? Did you do the tall box?"
- Josh, making sure I didn't cheat myself...

Monday, July 16, 2012

On Ramp: Day 4

Today we had Mandy back, along with Bucky, as coaches! Here's how it went...

Warm Up
200m run
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 situps
Hip floss

With a PVC Pipe
5 deadlifts
5 press
5 push press
5 front squat

400m Run For Time!!
Devan - 1min 52sec
Shannon - 1min 35sec
(thus the nickname "Get-away Sticks")

Skills Covered
Power Clean!
55# for practice

15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3
Wallballs (10#)
KB Swings (35#)

I finished this in 5min 43sec.
Shannon, for your records, your time was 5min 36sec   ;)
I tried to go overhead with the KB to start with... it lasted all of 7 swings before I brought it down to shoulder level. I did my best! For the mathematically challenged, that was 45 total reps of each movement. Can't wait to get back out tomorrow and do something new!


Notable Quotables

Devan: "We're gonna have Crossfit bodies at the Christmas Party this year."
Shannon: "Yep, and maybe I can get low, low, low by then. If not I can at least throw people around."

"I wonder what we'll work on tonight. I want to curl something."
- Shannon, anticipating the WOD

"I don't like being a noob."
- Shannon, while stressing about her skills

Devan: "I ate at Five Guys for lunch. I feel heavy."
Shannon: "OMG. Why did you do that?"
Devan: "It was free."
Shannon: "You keep me accountable on my workouts and I'll keep you accountable on your diet!"
Devan: "I didn't ask for that....."
- friends on Crossfit accountability

"Don't hurt yourself... Power Cleans can be complicated."
- Josh's words of wisdom for the day

"I look forward to reading your blog after class... while I'm sitting on my couch.... unable to move."
- Chris Street (a fellow on-ramper), on MY blog... you made my day! Your quote may have been slightly altered... but you'll get used to that ;) HA!


Tomorrow or Wednesday I hope to find time to sift through my 400+ Firefighter Combat Challenge photos and get a post out about the fun we had watching these hometown heroes compete. A big thanks to everyone that came out in the heat! Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Ramp: Day 3

Y'all I love crossfit so much that I asked Josh to do a workout with me in the driveway Wednesday morning at 5am! That consisted of bear crawls, 200m runs, lunges, and burpees - what a way to start the day! Anyway... on to our final day of week one of On Ramp. Today Bucky and Wes coached us.

Warm Up
400m run

Skills Covered
Med Ball Cleans

Deadlift (85#)
Med Ball Cleans (10-12#)

That's a total of 55 each, y'all. I completed this in 12min 24sec, and that was with having to wait for a bar to be empty at times. I was one of the first to finish... if not the first. You'll understand why this is special if you read the quotes below :)

I. Loved. This. Workout.

Hip Floss
Frog sit


Notable Quotables

"Finish First"
- Josh's words of wisdom for the day

"I can actually do this!"
- Shannon, on deadlifts

"If you keep telling people at work that I'm a beast, grown men are going to start flinching when I pass them in the hallway..."
- Me to Shannon

Shannon: "I caught a bull shark once while fishing for tarpon in the Keys..."
Me: "How big was it?"
Shannon: "Like 6 feet."
Me: "Did you choke it out to finish it off?"
- A conversation we had at work... because now that we do Crossfit we think we're BA


You may be asking yourself, "Is she going to blog about EVERY frappin' workout she does now that she started Crossfit?!" The answer is - NO. But keep in mind - I do what I want. My blog, my rules :) I'm blogging about On Ramp for these reasons:

A) So people interested in Crossfit can get an idea of what it's like to ease into it through one of these programs designed for beginners
2) I'm interested to see the results I obtain through the first part of my journey with Crossfit, and as much as this blog may be entertainment for you, it's also like a diary for me!

I thought I would have more amazing bullets for that train of thought, but I guess not! I must be tired - bed time! Tomorrow and Saturday Montgomery will be hosting the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge downtown - come out and support them! It's a blast! Josh will be competing, so hopefully I'll have some pictures and a post for that over the weekend. Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Ramp: Day 2

Today's class was coached by the owner, Josh Carter (heretofore to be referred to as Josh C. so as not to be confused with my husband, Josh) and Bucky!

Warm Up
200m run
10 air squats
7 burpees
20 pass-throughs
30 second squat hold

Skills Covered
Overhead Press
Push Press
Kettlebell Swings

Teams of 3
70 Push Press (35#)
100 Kettlebell Swings (26#)
Complete anyway possible

My teammates were my friend Shannon, and a new friend - Jennifer. I completed 40 of the kettlebell swings (overhead for all but my last few!) and 22 of the push presses. We did great!

Hip stretches


Notable Quotables

"Don't slack...."
- Josh, as I was leaving the house

"I'll go last since I'm retarded"
- Jennifer, in reference to the WOD

"Yay! My favorite part!"
- Shannon, while running for warm up

"I'm broken..."
- Shannon, while trying to master the squat hold

Shannon: "I did 10-ish."
Me: "10-ish is not a number..."

Josh C: "Where are y'all at?"
Our Team: "We're done."
Josh C: "OH!"
Me: "Why are you surprised?! There's a Piatt on this team!!"

On Ramp: Day 1

Our first day was great! Mandy went over the basics of Crossfit... lemme break it down for ya.


CV: constantly varied. you will never do the same workout. EVER.
FM: functional movements. every movement in crossfit is a
movement you would do in everyday life.
HI: high intensity. the intensity is what you make it. all crossfit workouts are
scalable for different levels of fitness. you get out what you put in.

And this is what we did during class...

400m run

Skills Covered
Air squats
CTF Push-ups
Front squats

10 minute AMRAP
10 air squats
7 burpees
200m run
(Completed 3 rounds)

quad rolls, cat stretch


Notable Quotables

"Don't be a slacker..."
- Josh to me before he left the gym

"I think my shelf is broken..."
- Shannon on her front squat grip

Shannon: "The only part I'm good at is running."
Me: "It's because of those little get-away sticks!"

"I think I have Crossfit-induced asthma..."
- Me at the end of the WOD

Monday, July 9, 2012

Body Fat, Crossfit, & Meal Planning

This weekend has been SOOO laid back... especially after the crazy week with my family being in town for the 4th. I got up bright and early yesterday morning and had a cool, long (3 miles) run in the rain. It was slow, since I haven't been consistent here lately... about a 12:31 pace. When I got back to the house I threw in a core workout... EMOM 15 situps/planks for 5 rounds. Yesterday Josh and I grocery shopped for what seemed to be the first time in a month. We're getting back on the healthy train since I'm starting crossfit tomorrow :) I've been like a little kid before the first day of school... I've even planned all of my outfits for the week... haha! My friend from work, Shannon, is starting the on-ramp class with me, and she also recently became an Advocare distributor. Advocare is like the sister-cult to the cult of crossfit. Anyway... Carter and I accompanied her to an Advocare informational meeting this afternoon at Kathy and Brandon Eiff's home. Brandon is a trainer at Wynlakes Country Club, and also at River Region Crossfit. We enjoyed the get-together... and as always, never a dull moment... ended up having to change Carter's bag while we were there - so Shannon got a crash-course in colostomy changing! :) While there, Brandon conducted a body fat analysis on anyone interested. I definitely wanted to know going into crossfit, as I'm interested to see the affect it has on my body. Here are my stats:

Devan Piatt
167.2 lbs
Age 22
Tri 21/Supra 24/Thi 27
BF%   27%
Acceptable Range

There's my starting point - we'll see where this crossfit adventure takes me! After the meeting, Shannon and I took the kiddos to Mellow Mushroom to carb-load one last time (yeah right). You may be asking why I'm up at such a late hour...well, I've been busy in the kitchen. I know that I'm horrible about eating badly when I haven't planned ahead -- a little planning can go a long way. Sunday night is my night to stock up for the week. Tonight I accomplished:

A dozen egg muffins for Josh's breakfast this week
Froze the remaining egg muffin filling for next week
Taco meat for dinner tomorrow night
Prepared some veggies for a dip I'll make later this week
Portioned out snacks for the week

One thing I noticed while I was on the Cat Food Diet was that I relied heavily on fruits for snacks instead of veggies. While it helped keep my sugar cravings at bay, I'm sure I could've achieved better results had I limited them more. With that in mind, I decided to go with pre-bagged carrots, cucumbers, and celery. For now, I'll have them with light ranch... I'm waiting for my avocados to ripen to make a cucumber-avocado dip that I picked up on CFD. My lunch bag will also feature flavored almonds, peanut butter (for the celery...), unsweetened applesauce, and some EAS Carb AdvantEdge protein shakes for my afternoon/pre-workout fix. I managed to pull all of this together in about 2 hours, including cleaning the kitchen up. Did I mention this is helpful for those of you who have husbands who don't mind cooking as long as it's minimal effort? Josh can cook just about anything if I leave a detailed recipe, and since he's so willing to cook, I try to make it as easy as possible on him. If you know you're planning something that has boiled chicken in it - go ahead and boil it on your "planning day". Taco meat, meat sauces for spaghetti, or just plain old browned ground beef are great to have in the fridge or freezer for quick, mid-week meals. Same principle with ground turkey, which we love in spaghetti. If you fire up the grill for dinner, throw on some seasoned chicken tenderloins for easy lunches - they're great on salads or pastas. Alright, I'm done with my rambling, and must get to bed. Make it a great week, and plan what you can!