Tuesday, August 14, 2012

24DC: Day 2

Day 2 started better. I mixed my fiber drink with 8 ounces of orange juice, and the tang helped me not pay attention to the consistency. Apparently my taste buds are super ADD. Meal replacement shake is still on the rocks. Literally. I tried it with ice today. I threw the powder, the recommended 9 ounces of water, and about a cup of ice in... and I ended up with what seemed like 32 ounces of  smoothie. I liked the consistency a lot better with the ice, and the fact that it was much colder... however, I didn't finish it because there was SO much of it. I'll work on my measurements tomorrow. Here's how the food worked out today:

Breakfast: Fiber drink with orange juice... part of the meal replacement shake
Snack: a plum
Lunch: Dad and I hit a Mexican place to get out of the building. I had steak fajitas sans tortillas, with guacamole and salsa... I confess... I had a few chips
Snack: a banana with peanut butter and a Spark
Dinner: Crockpot Cuban Pork Lettuce Wraps from PaleOMG! Y'all - these. were. amazing. Josh actually loved them, which surprised me... and Carter even ate quite a bit of the meat! I made the slaw as well, and it was super delicious. We're both eating this tomorrow for leftovers. I'm all for a crockpot recipe, and this one will definitely be on the menu again.

I'll be honest... I did my WOD at home today, and while it was a doozy, I felt like T-total crap-ola. I remember when I started Cat Food Diet having a rough time with my workouts the first week or so. My body is so used to giant amounts of carbs and fats, that it's not sure what to do with the smaller amount I'm giving it now. I'm going to try to up my fats over the next few days... lots of peanut butter in my future! I really need to do the whole "3 Macronutrient Meal Deal", but I've been scattered lately and haven't had to time to plan that well. Maybe next week!

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