Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly WODs 8.5-8.11


7 Rounds of...
7 Deadlifts
7 Power Cleans
7 Front Squat
65# for all movements
2 min max rest between rounds

Completed: 23m 10s


1 min of work for each movement
* Pull-ups (Green+Blue bands... because I suck)
* Box jumps (20")
* Jump Rope (because I can't do DUs)
* Goblet Squat (35#/26# KB)
4 Rounds - 1 min rest between rounds!

0900 (Heat 2)

30 Clean & Jerks for time

Completed: 4 min

400m run
60 wall ball shots (10#)

Completed: 12 min (total WOD time)

I should've used 65# on Grace... I was throwing 55# around. I was scared
my form would break bad if I went up, though.


Notable Quotables

"Your face is pink instead of pale today!"
- Mandy, on my improvement

Me: "I'm bad about arching my back on the 'down' of my DL... how can I fix that?... Wait... nevermind! Don't say anything!"
Josh: "Just don't do it!"

"Just do all 30 unbroken..."
- Josh, on Grace

"Are these cheese fries Paleo?"
- Me, on Brannon's cheese fries at Dreamland

"You guys took my Devan to that cult and I want her back! We have this competitive history, and I need her to exercise with me to stay motivated!"
- Nichole, on my joining Crossfit

"My back hurts from Dragon Boat practice. Rowing is HARD."
- Nichole, on her defined back muscles

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