Saturday, December 8, 2012

X's & Y's

Event: X's & Y's
Series: Garage Games
Hosted By: Crossfit Garage
Location: Woodstock, GA - The Garage Gym
Date: 12.1.12
Category: Rx Handshake Teams
Team Name: Thunder Ducks
Ranking: 15/29

Team "Thunder Ducks" Warming Up

Watching Daddy 

Team "Baby Baker Makers" Strategizing - it worked, because they came in
4th in the Rx Kissing division

True Love

Cat from River Region - she dominated her lifts
Team "IandRRCF" on the row

Carter did this during WOD 1....

Presley did this...


These guys were sneaky and busted out chest-to-bar for serious points


Carter did this during WOD 2...

"I really just wanna watch the SEC Championship game, not squat and do toes-to-bar..."

Carter did this during WOD 3...

One for the history books - Josh Piatt, Elite Athlete, took a water break in the middle of a WOD.

And then he did this at the end....

This guy was there competing. Just a quick rant - NEVER say you can't. Don't make excuses. This guy can do it, you can too. OH, and he's done an IronMan. BOOM.

Crossfit is all about community. No matter what shape you are, what size you are, what shoes you wear, or how many appendages you lack - ANYONE can Crossfit, and EVERYONE in the Crossfit community will support you and encourage you.

Competitions are the best. I'm so proud of Josh, and Beth was an awesome partner. We had a great day with our friends, and can't wait until the next one. Word on the street is that there's a team competition in January in Tuscaloosa.... more to come ;)