Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 10: Storms are fun... NOT

1. I was at my  mom's Friday night cooking for a wedding shower. Josh was at work, so I had Carter as well. We didn't leave her house until nearly 10:30pm. It was storming, which was cool... we needed the rain. However, what was NOT cool was that all of Holtville was pitch black without power. YAY! My garage door wouldn't open. I sat there for a really long time to see if the Alabama Power guy I passed down the road would have it on soon. He didn't. And then a torrential downpour began.

2. I don't have a key to my house. Cool, huh? I had to wedge myself through our gate since Mav has been Houdini lately and we have stuff blocking it. He was psycho.

3. I had to run through the rain with my half-asleep kid. Carter was pissed. Not pissed enough to not fall asleep immediately when I laid him down, though. Love that guy.

4. I had to run through the rain AGAIN to get our bags out of the car. I was completely drenched by the time I made it inside.

5. A smoke detector was chirping... somewhere. It took a good 10 minutes to figure out which one, and of course it was the last one I checked - Carter's room. He never flinched while I took it off the wall and stripped it of it's right to chirp. Stupid things.

6. I had to make my bed in the dark. After disarming the smoke detector I looked longingly at my bed, only to realize it was bare. I'm just thankful I had thrown the sheets in the dryer before I left for work.

7. I made formula in the dark. I'm pretty sure our mag-lite gives off better light than our fixtures in our kitchen. Whatever.

8. I had to feed my psycho Rottweiler. I panicked a little when I went out to the garage to get his food and didn't see my car. DUH. It's still in the driveway.

9. When I was finally able to crawl in my freshly made bed... I realized it was stupid-hot. Obviously, the AC was out. Beautiful. I didn't even need the covers that I'd just taken 10 minutes to put on my bed.

10. The next day, Josh informs me you can open the garage door manually. Good information. Sorry about that run through the rain, C. My bad.

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