Tuesday, August 21, 2012

24DC: Day 8 & Birthday WOD!

Food for my birthday was as follows:

Breakfast: Fiber drink and meal replacement shake. I finally found a way to mix this shake that is perfect for me (a big thanks to Kelli Rhodes!). My magic recipe is 10 oz of water, 5 ice cubes, and a blender bottle. Success!
Snack: Banana with peanut butter
Lunch: Dad took me to Lek's Railroad Thai... one of our favorites. I had Pud Thai. Yum.
Snack: I had a Spark before I left work for the gym
Dinner: Pork tenderloin and roasted veggies (squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions)
Snack: Birthday Banana Bowl! A banana, peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips!

Birthday WOD!
Several people wished me a happy birthday as I walked into the box. We worked on Clean and Jerk for strength, and I was able to get a new PR of 75#. Josh Carter helped me fix my power clean... I tend to pull my shoulders forward and down and it puts strain on them, so now I have no pain!

1600m Run for time! (that's a mile-ish)
9m 8s... my fastest mile ever!

30 squat cleans @ 55#
I'd never done these before... and they suck. Better yet - I suck at them. I made a lot of progress, though. It felt good to get them done!

When I got home I was reading through my birthday comments on Facebook, and a fellow Crossfitter friend mentioned "birthday burpees." I thought it was a great idea, so I busted out 23 burpees in the living room! Carter was intrigued, and attempted some himself!

Tonight is my birthday celebration with my parents and Greyson. I'm looking forward to a steak dinner! Yum! And my birthday present from Josh is supposed to be in today - I can't wait to show them off!

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