Monday, August 13, 2012

24DC: Day 1

Alright, so here's the skinny. I'm doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. The way it works - there's a 10 day Cleanse phase, followed by a 14 day Max phase. Sounds fun, right? Before we get too far into this, here are my starting measurements... I have no shame.

Bust: 40 1/2" ....really?
Bicep: 11" ...guns, my friend.
Waist: 35" least I have one now...
Hips: 40" ....thanks, Carter!
Thigh: 24 1/2" ...two words. quad. zilla.

Weight: 162 lbs

My goal with this 24 Day Challenge is to possibly get to my pre-preggers weight of 150. We'll see. I won't be sad as long as I'm losing inches.

Josh called from the station tonight to see how Day 1 went. Our conversation went something like this...

Me: I had to choke down the fiber drink... and as soon as I finished it I was dreading having to do it again tomorrow morning.
Josh: I've heard that...

Obviously, he didn't bother giving me that info - thanks, guy!

Me: The meal replacement shake flavor is GOOD. However, there's a consistency issue, and I had to fight with the 2 year old inside my head... "Just 2 more sips and then you're done!"

FYI, I ordered the Peaches and Cream fiber drink at Shannon's prompting, because she'd heard the citrus was an even worse consistency. I would die. Again, the flavors really are delicious... I'm just having consistency issues... which may be fixable. I'll let you know tomorrow. Also, I got the newest meal replacement flavor - Chocolate Mocha - and it is delish... despite it going down like hot milkshake. Did I mention Shannon is doing this, too? We pick crazy hobbies to do together... it's cool.

I'm incorporating a Paleo diet, because I need to be eating that way regardless. I was home with Carter today because daycare is closed, so my food was something like this:

Breakfast: Peaches and Cream Fiber Nasty and Hot Chocolate Milkshake
Lunch: We met Alisha and Kadie for lunch at Chik-fil-a, so I had a 12 ct grilled chicken nuggets and fruit... I'm a dipper, so I used yellow mustard with my chicken
Snack: a plum
Dinner: celery and peanut butter*, ham (lunch meat), pistachios... I was at my mom's, and she didn't cook, so I just scrounged up some Paleo-friendly items. Carter likes pistachios, by the way.

*Note: Some forms of Paleo are anti-peanut butter. I refuse to give it up, since almond butter is too dang expensive for the amount of nut butter that is consumed between my husband and I.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will go better... send a prayer my way around 8am - I'll probably be gagging in my kitchen. I'm excited about our dinner tomorrow night - can't wait to share the recipe!

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