Monday, July 9, 2012

Body Fat, Crossfit, & Meal Planning

This weekend has been SOOO laid back... especially after the crazy week with my family being in town for the 4th. I got up bright and early yesterday morning and had a cool, long (3 miles) run in the rain. It was slow, since I haven't been consistent here lately... about a 12:31 pace. When I got back to the house I threw in a core workout... EMOM 15 situps/planks for 5 rounds. Yesterday Josh and I grocery shopped for what seemed to be the first time in a month. We're getting back on the healthy train since I'm starting crossfit tomorrow :) I've been like a little kid before the first day of school... I've even planned all of my outfits for the week... haha! My friend from work, Shannon, is starting the on-ramp class with me, and she also recently became an Advocare distributor. Advocare is like the sister-cult to the cult of crossfit. Anyway... Carter and I accompanied her to an Advocare informational meeting this afternoon at Kathy and Brandon Eiff's home. Brandon is a trainer at Wynlakes Country Club, and also at River Region Crossfit. We enjoyed the get-together... and as always, never a dull moment... ended up having to change Carter's bag while we were there - so Shannon got a crash-course in colostomy changing! :) While there, Brandon conducted a body fat analysis on anyone interested. I definitely wanted to know going into crossfit, as I'm interested to see the affect it has on my body. Here are my stats:

Devan Piatt
167.2 lbs
Age 22
Tri 21/Supra 24/Thi 27
BF%   27%
Acceptable Range

There's my starting point - we'll see where this crossfit adventure takes me! After the meeting, Shannon and I took the kiddos to Mellow Mushroom to carb-load one last time (yeah right). You may be asking why I'm up at such a late hour...well, I've been busy in the kitchen. I know that I'm horrible about eating badly when I haven't planned ahead -- a little planning can go a long way. Sunday night is my night to stock up for the week. Tonight I accomplished:

A dozen egg muffins for Josh's breakfast this week
Froze the remaining egg muffin filling for next week
Taco meat for dinner tomorrow night
Prepared some veggies for a dip I'll make later this week
Portioned out snacks for the week

One thing I noticed while I was on the Cat Food Diet was that I relied heavily on fruits for snacks instead of veggies. While it helped keep my sugar cravings at bay, I'm sure I could've achieved better results had I limited them more. With that in mind, I decided to go with pre-bagged carrots, cucumbers, and celery. For now, I'll have them with light ranch... I'm waiting for my avocados to ripen to make a cucumber-avocado dip that I picked up on CFD. My lunch bag will also feature flavored almonds, peanut butter (for the celery...), unsweetened applesauce, and some EAS Carb AdvantEdge protein shakes for my afternoon/pre-workout fix. I managed to pull all of this together in about 2 hours, including cleaning the kitchen up. Did I mention this is helpful for those of you who have husbands who don't mind cooking as long as it's minimal effort? Josh can cook just about anything if I leave a detailed recipe, and since he's so willing to cook, I try to make it as easy as possible on him. If you know you're planning something that has boiled chicken in it - go ahead and boil it on your "planning day". Taco meat, meat sauces for spaghetti, or just plain old browned ground beef are great to have in the fridge or freezer for quick, mid-week meals. Same principle with ground turkey, which we love in spaghetti. If you fire up the grill for dinner, throw on some seasoned chicken tenderloins for easy lunches - they're great on salads or pastas. Alright, I'm done with my rambling, and must get to bed. Make it a great week, and plan what you can!

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