Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Ramp: Day 3

Y'all I love crossfit so much that I asked Josh to do a workout with me in the driveway Wednesday morning at 5am! That consisted of bear crawls, 200m runs, lunges, and burpees - what a way to start the day! Anyway... on to our final day of week one of On Ramp. Today Bucky and Wes coached us.

Warm Up
400m run

Skills Covered
Med Ball Cleans

Deadlift (85#)
Med Ball Cleans (10-12#)

That's a total of 55 each, y'all. I completed this in 12min 24sec, and that was with having to wait for a bar to be empty at times. I was one of the first to finish... if not the first. You'll understand why this is special if you read the quotes below :)

I. Loved. This. Workout.

Hip Floss
Frog sit


Notable Quotables

"Finish First"
- Josh's words of wisdom for the day

"I can actually do this!"
- Shannon, on deadlifts

"If you keep telling people at work that I'm a beast, grown men are going to start flinching when I pass them in the hallway..."
- Me to Shannon

Shannon: "I caught a bull shark once while fishing for tarpon in the Keys..."
Me: "How big was it?"
Shannon: "Like 6 feet."
Me: "Did you choke it out to finish it off?"
- A conversation we had at work... because now that we do Crossfit we think we're BA


You may be asking yourself, "Is she going to blog about EVERY frappin' workout she does now that she started Crossfit?!" The answer is - NO. But keep in mind - I do what I want. My blog, my rules :) I'm blogging about On Ramp for these reasons:

A) So people interested in Crossfit can get an idea of what it's like to ease into it through one of these programs designed for beginners
2) I'm interested to see the results I obtain through the first part of my journey with Crossfit, and as much as this blog may be entertainment for you, it's also like a diary for me!

I thought I would have more amazing bullets for that train of thought, but I guess not! I must be tired - bed time! Tomorrow and Saturday Montgomery will be hosting the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge downtown - come out and support them! It's a blast! Josh will be competing, so hopefully I'll have some pictures and a post for that over the weekend. Have a great Friday!

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