Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Ramp: Day 7

We had Bucky and Mandy yesterday!

Warm Up
400m run
15 air squats
15 lunges
10 push ups
5 back rolls
10 pass-throughs

With a PVC Pipe
5 PP
5 DL

2-3 rep max Push Press (75#)
20 sit-ups while you wait  (3x)

2-3 rep max Deadlift  (145#)
200m run while you wait  (2x)

McRibs (OUCH!)
Back Rollers (so many bones popped)
Ham Stretch w/bands (Bliss...)

Tonight is our nutrition spiel... Paleo/Zone brainwashing session. I can't wait to hear some about this. I'm kinda familiar with both - Josh tried Zone for a while, and Paleo is basically an easier form of the Cat Food Diet I was on.


Notable Quotables

"If you'll take me to drop my car off, I'll tell you what the WOD is..."
- Shannon's trade-off

Shannon: "We do CrossFit... we're gonna look awesome."
Bennye B: "Says who?"
Shannon: "Says me."
Bennye B: "Well, just because you say it doesn't mean everyone else is thinking it..."
-Shannon and a guy at work

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  1. Bennye and I have that kind of relationship. Ha. It's a Bell thing. :)