Monday, June 25, 2012

Embrace the Gauntlet

Event: Embrace the Gauntlet
Series: Garage Games
Hosted By: Crossfit Embrace
Location: Dothan, AL - Westgate Park
Date: 6.23.12
Category: Rx Teams
Team Name: Loaded Guns
Ranking: 14/19

WOD 1: Swim/Slam Balls

WOD 2: Run/Clean/Jerk

WOD 3: Tabata Deadlift/Row

WOD 4: Burpee/Partner Carry

Other Pictures

(Ashley had to prove she could carry Josh!)

(The Loaded Guns)

(RRCF - serious) 

 (RRCF - funny)

 (This made us laugh...)

(Celebratory dinner at Waffle House)

 (Catching up with Daddy and feeding him a slimy Cheeto! Congrats, Daddy!)

I'm so proud of Josh - what a day! He had an awesome team member, and I enjoyed hanging out with the RRCF crew. Speaking of which - BREAKING NEWS - I start the On-Ramp Class in July. Can't wait to get my crossfit on...

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