Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Ramp: Day 2

Today's class was coached by the owner, Josh Carter (heretofore to be referred to as Josh C. so as not to be confused with my husband, Josh) and Bucky!

Warm Up
200m run
10 air squats
7 burpees
20 pass-throughs
30 second squat hold

Skills Covered
Overhead Press
Push Press
Kettlebell Swings

Teams of 3
70 Push Press (35#)
100 Kettlebell Swings (26#)
Complete anyway possible

My teammates were my friend Shannon, and a new friend - Jennifer. I completed 40 of the kettlebell swings (overhead for all but my last few!) and 22 of the push presses. We did great!

Hip stretches


Notable Quotables

"Don't slack...."
- Josh, as I was leaving the house

"I'll go last since I'm retarded"
- Jennifer, in reference to the WOD

"Yay! My favorite part!"
- Shannon, while running for warm up

"I'm broken..."
- Shannon, while trying to master the squat hold

Shannon: "I did 10-ish."
Me: "10-ish is not a number..."

Josh C: "Where are y'all at?"
Our Team: "We're done."
Josh C: "OH!"
Me: "Why are you surprised?! There's a Piatt on this team!!"

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