Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Ramp: Day 5

Mandy and Bucky again today!

Warm Up
down&back karaoke
d&b shuffle
d&b high knees
10 air squats
10 CTF push-ups
10 PVC pass-throughs

With a PVC Pipe
5 deadlifts
5 power cleans
5 press
5 push press
5 front squats
5 thrusters

Skills Covered
ring row
box jumps

with a partner....
12 box jumps - max rep sit-ups
200m run
4 rounds!

Shannon and I partnered up (big surprise, huh?) and killed this WOD in 14min 8sec. I have no idea how many sit-ups I did, but I know I did ALOT that first round while she "found her box." That chick couldn't pick a height to jump on! :) So I took it out on her with a potty break during my 3rd round of sit-ups. I jumped on the "big" box (20in) for the first 2 rounds, and then a tire that was slightly shorter (maybe 18in) for the last 2. Shannon pushed me on the runs.... especially the last one. She had me at a flat-out sprint while she was barely breathing hard. I really had to focus on my breathing during these runs - thanks for bearing with that huffing and puffing, Shannon! For the skills, we were taught how to properly use the resistance bands to assist in pull-ups and dips, and how to help build our strength with the ring rows. I'm a green + blue band for both exercises for now. I can't wait til the day I can do an unassisted pull-up!


Notable Quotables

"Can you ask Josh if I can borrow his box to jump on this weekend?"
- Shannon, via text after class

"I just owned my dining room chair.... how tall was that box? I want to measure and see if it was close."
- Shannon, via text, shortly after the first text

"I just jumped on Davis's bed... it's 22 inches. I've got this."
- Shannon, via text, shortly after the second text

"Go girl! Ok. Now go jump on your bathroom counter."
- Me, to Shannon, via text, in response to her successful "random-items-around-the-house jumps"

"You couldn't do a pull-up without the bands? Or a dip? Well, could you at least do the ring rows?"
- Josh, exasperated by my lack of upper body strength

"How did the box jumps go? Did you do the tall box?"
- Josh, making sure I didn't cheat myself...

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