Monday, July 16, 2012

On Ramp: Day 4

Today we had Mandy back, along with Bucky, as coaches! Here's how it went...

Warm Up
200m run
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 situps
Hip floss

With a PVC Pipe
5 deadlifts
5 press
5 push press
5 front squat

400m Run For Time!!
Devan - 1min 52sec
Shannon - 1min 35sec
(thus the nickname "Get-away Sticks")

Skills Covered
Power Clean!
55# for practice

15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3
Wallballs (10#)
KB Swings (35#)

I finished this in 5min 43sec.
Shannon, for your records, your time was 5min 36sec   ;)
I tried to go overhead with the KB to start with... it lasted all of 7 swings before I brought it down to shoulder level. I did my best! For the mathematically challenged, that was 45 total reps of each movement. Can't wait to get back out tomorrow and do something new!


Notable Quotables

Devan: "We're gonna have Crossfit bodies at the Christmas Party this year."
Shannon: "Yep, and maybe I can get low, low, low by then. If not I can at least throw people around."

"I wonder what we'll work on tonight. I want to curl something."
- Shannon, anticipating the WOD

"I don't like being a noob."
- Shannon, while stressing about her skills

Devan: "I ate at Five Guys for lunch. I feel heavy."
Shannon: "OMG. Why did you do that?"
Devan: "It was free."
Shannon: "You keep me accountable on my workouts and I'll keep you accountable on your diet!"
Devan: "I didn't ask for that....."
- friends on Crossfit accountability

"Don't hurt yourself... Power Cleans can be complicated."
- Josh's words of wisdom for the day

"I look forward to reading your blog after class... while I'm sitting on my couch.... unable to move."
- Chris Street (a fellow on-ramper), on MY blog... you made my day! Your quote may have been slightly altered... but you'll get used to that ;) HA!


Tomorrow or Wednesday I hope to find time to sift through my 400+ Firefighter Combat Challenge photos and get a post out about the fun we had watching these hometown heroes compete. A big thanks to everyone that came out in the heat! Stay tuned...

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