Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cat Food Diet Fail

Weight loss progression.

Here I was pregnant... at Christmas... just a few short weeks before delivery. Nearly 235 lbs.

I still weighed nearly 200 lbs on my wedding day in May.

And this is what I look like in my dress today, a year later :)

Now, only 10-19 lbs to go.

And I've started "mainstreaming" the cat food diet early. I burned myself out on planning ahead. My mainstreaming is not that great... but hopefully I'll get better. I still have two weeks left in our biggest loser competition at work and I'm sitting in 3rd place - I sure would like to win that money :) I managed to go 26 days without coke (in Southern terms, any form of "soda") until I tried my dad's homemade root beer on tap last night... delicious! I am contributing a healthy, roasted corn guacamole for tomorrow's Memorial Day festivities. Enjoy your weekend, and be safe!

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