Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cat Food Challenge: Day 12 - #4#

Today was a busy day... and my eating reflected that fact. We woke up at the crack of dawn (0530) to get going for #4# in Downtown Montgomery. C was less than thrilled to be awakened early. He and I stopped by mom's to grab lawn chairs and I snagged a banana from her kitchen. We made it to the Riverwalk right before 7, when the first event was scheduled to begin. Josh was in a late heat, so we got to watch some other competitors, walk around, and let Carter see the puppies/dogs that people had with them. Josh killed his first event... this guy was moving more weight than anyone. Unfortunately, the last event of the competition was cancelled, and everyone left due to the storm... and they still haven't announced the final results since scoring had to be altered. I'll update again if anything special comes of that - but regardless, I was SO proud of him. We only saw his first event since C needed a nap after that. Here are some pictures.

Kiddo got tired of the stroller after an hour... during Josh's event, he kept reaching for him :)

Josh rowing

Heavy lifter... he doesn't even know how much this was (lol) Anyone out there know what the colors were? He had a red, green, and blue plate.

Right after his event.. I don't even know how he was holding the child

Daddy's boy

We went home for a long nap (0930-1130)... I downed a strawberry-banana smoothie before I laid down. (Did I mention we need to go grocery shopping again... all we had in the house was fruit.) We headed to AUM's graduation to watch my Big, Megan, get her degree - so proud of her! We swung through Chik-fil-a for my usual... I had a moment of panic while trying to park at AUM... it was raining, and I had a child with two casts, and there was no close parking. I drove around for almost 10 minutes, and finally someone close pulled out - SCORE! C talked loudly and played the entire time (I got there late intentionally because I knew he wouldn't last). He clapped after everyone else stopped. Yelled down the stairway. Ate goldfish. Shh'ed me when I Shh'ed him. Gave kisses. And then got sleepy. After we saw Megan walk the stage, we headed back downstairs and paced the lobby until it was over and we could see her. We were planning on going back to #4# to see the awards, but Josh called on our way home to let us know it might be cancelled. He was home with us around 6:30pm... and we went to my other favorite CFD outing - Mexican! More steak fajitas.... yummm. After we got home and got C settled, I had a sweet tooth... but since I'd already had so much fruit I fought the urge for a smoothie and just sucked on a frozen strawberry for a few minutes (ha!). Oh the joys of CFD....

It was a busy, long day - but it sure was fun! I'm looking forward to Josh's next Crossfit competition (TBD) and to see what the "real world" has in store for my sweet Megan. Make it a great weekend, and remember to let people know you're proud of them - recognition of someone's strengths is something our culture tends to forget as we focus on the negative and the gossip.

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