Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cat Food Challenge: Day 15 to Present - Vacation series

Days 15-17

I don't remember all the details... but I know my dear husband made the zucchini pasta with homemade tomato sauce one night. I made the sauce ahead of time on Monday, and we had ground turkey in it - this was my favorite cat food recipe so far. Josh was surprised that he liked it, and I was, too! Another night we had lean hamburger patties, and Josh made fresh baked sweet potato sticks (yummmmm). I made some homemade guacamole to top them... this was an amazing combination... it's my new favorite burger. We had a cook-out at work Thursday and I stayed away from the chips and potato salad and ate a ton of protein and a little fruit. I think I ended up consuming two hamburger patties, a smoked chicken thigh, and half a smoked chicken breast.... I couldn't have snacked that afternoon if I wanted to. Tuesday night I did body sculpting and zumba, Wednesday was abs and kickboxing, and then Thursday was body sculpting and zumba again.... and our last night with our instructor Caressa :(  She's moving to Tennessee. I did a short mile one of those days... I don't even remember - it's logged in dailymile though!

and now.....


Let me explain.... I was stressing about my vacation because I didn't know if I'd be able to make cat food choices work... no alcohol... blah blah blah. At our work cookout we were talking about the alcohol limitation, and one of the guys tells me this fun fact: distilled liquors 80 proof or higher contain ZERO sugar. So I did some research. It's the truth. Any alcohol 80 proof or higher has ZERO sugar... and your liver converts in to straight up acetate. YAY! That afternoon I was telling Shannon about my discovery and we were discussing my vacation... and she told me not to stress about it - just enjoy myself and get back on the wagon when it's over. That was exactly what I needed - for someone that was supposed to be keeping me accountable to give me "permission" to fall off the wagon! :) Thanks for enabling me, Shannon! Hahaha. So yesterday I started off with a smoothie (no sweeteners) from Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and mom got cookies... so you know I had a little... this was the best, first "foreal" cheat. I am definitely a chocolate addict. I sipped my smoothie while we got a pedicure, and then we made a bee-line south on 231 for PC. We went to Dillard's at Pier Park and I got my first post-baby bikini. We went to a little beach bar that had a guy strumming and crooning = LOVE. I had a dozen oysters Rockefeller and a top shelf margarita... and a few bites of Nichole's nachos. The other half of the crew got in around 8, and we got ready to go out. Nichole, Danielle, and I went to Rum Runners. Josh and I spent most of our honeymoon at the one in Destin last year... I fell in love with this type of fun. WE HAD A BLAST LAST NIGHT! I had too many margaritas, we met a Tim Tebow look-alike. I randomly asked "Timmy's" friend if he did crossfit - pinned him! Bragged about my hubby a little bit... and then Danielle drug/drove us back to the resort. I paid for those oysters/margaritas. For breakfast I had a hangover... along with two advil, two cups of coffee with real creamer, a bagel with cream cheese, a banana, and two bottles of water. I just got in from what I think was a mile run... and I'm about to do some planks and abs before hitting the beach with the rest of the crew. I'm enjoying every minute of this vacation... it's long overdue. I miss my little man and Josh, but I know they're doing just fine. I'm so thankful that I have a husband that is capable of holding down the fort so I can have a few days of fun :)

Speaking of that guy... he is all about some crossfit competitions now! We're planning on going to Dothan the end of June for another one. He has the fever. We were watching a re-run of last years ESPN competition... and he said he wants to be on there. I love his competitive spirit... and his drive to better himself.

Well, I'm off to get some sun - everyone enjoy your weekend.... I know I will! :)

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