Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cat Food Challenge: Days 7-9

First days back exercising. Over the headaches and some of the cravings.

Day 7: Monday, May 7th
Back to work! But I forgot my laptop... so back home! Ha. Anyway... egg muffins for breakfast. Leftover roasted veggies, I think? Went to kickboxing class and it was stuffy and hot (nearly 90 degrees) in our room. Worked hard, and had a good sweat. After the drive home I was still feeling the need for a little something extra, so I did a quick mile down Blackberry as the storm rolled in. Beautiful lightning, and lightning bugs! Came in to dinner being ready (love my husband) - baked tilapia, squash, and zucchini.

Day 8: Tuesday, May 8th
Back to work - for real! Today we had our weekly weigh-in for Biggest Loser - down FIVE pounds in a week. Thanks, CFD! I didn't exercise at all last week, so this is remarkable! I don't remember what food I ate during the day. I think it involved an egg muffin, an apple, two grilled chicken tenders, half a sweet potato, applesauce, and a boiled egg. Went home so Josh could hit the gym (#4# Crossfit Competition is this weekend, and he's competing in the Advanced level!), then I headed to body sculpting with Nichole. We did some major buns and thighs, and as always planks and upper body, and some abs. After we did a slow mile in the drizzle... and when I say slow, I mean SLOW. My legs were dead from sculpting them, I reckon. We went to Target to pick up a gift, and then we did the most amazing thing EVER - we went to MEXICAN for dinner. I had steak fajitas and a guacamole salad - hold the tortillas, sour cream, beans, and rice, please. I cleaned my skillet - delish! I had to slide the chips over to her side so I wouldn't accidentally grab one. Great night out!

Day 9: Wednesday, May 9th - TODAY
Had the usual egg muffin for breakfast with an added glass of watery apple juice. Enjoyed a boiled egg for a mid-morning snack, and then hit Chik-fil-a with a couple co-workers. I had a 12 count grilled chicken nuggets, fruit cup, and unsweet tea. I was completely satisfied after that meal! Just ate my mid-afternoon snack of baby carrots and cucumber/avocado dip, and will be going to kickboxing at the Y again tonight! I may try to get another run in if the rain stops... hopefully 2 miles! Tonight we're having breakfast - turkey sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits (for Josh and Carter), and smoothies! I'm figuring out how to mix things up so I don't get bored with chicken and fish. I can't wait to try some new recipes next week! I feel really good overall... still kinda sluggish during workouts... but the food aspect of it is definitely getting easier.


  1. Hey Devan! It's Jakes wife :) and one of your husbands CF coaches :) I love reading your posts about your "cat food diet" good job and keep up the good work! My little tid bit for you... You are feeling sluggish in your workouts
    Because you aren't eating very much fat.
    Not sure of you like almonds but try to incorporate them and cook with olive oil. They are healthy fats and will give you more energy! :))

  2. Thanks, Mandy! :) I'll give that a try!