Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cat Food Challenge: Day 14

We still had no food in our home... this makes CFC hard. Coffee with coconut milk for breakfast... and then went with some co-workers to Applebee's and had the spinach/shrimp salad. Stayed busy so I wouldn't want to snack (not that I had anything to snack on).... When I got home this afternoon we headed to Publix to re-load. I was in the kitchen from 6pm-10pm cooking dinner (fish and frozen veggies), homemade tomato sauce with ground turkey for our meal Wednesday night, and the filling for the pork chops we're having today. Also made 18 egg muffins for the week, and boiled some eggs to have on hand. Made a new smoothie tonight - peach and banana with orange juice and coconut milk - delicious. I needed to get a run in... but it didn't happen. 

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