Friday, May 11, 2012

Cat Food Challenge: Day 10 - Confession

I have a confession to make.... the unthinkable has happened.... I accidentally cheated yesterday.

I didn't go to work yesterday because we had Carter's appointment to have his casts changed out. I woke up and ate the bacon that was leftover from dinner.... I'm never very hungry when I'm at home, because I stay so busy. We left around 9 for our appointment at 1030. We were finished by 1130 with two shiny, new, red casts. We hit the Chik-fil-a drive-through for lunch on the run and I ordered the same thing as yesterday - 12 ct grilled chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, and an unsweet tea. Something went terribly wrongI took a couple sips of my tea, and after the third, I realized that it was delicious. It wasn't unsweet! They had given me sweet tea. It was hard, but I didn't drink any more of it... thankfully I keep a flat of water in my car. So, there you have it - I cheated on accident. From now on I'll have to have someone test my tea for me (ha). Carter and I napped for 2 hours once we got home, and I had a banana on my way to my hair appointment. For dinner I picked up steamed salmon from Publix, and Josh had roasted asparagus and baked sweet potatoes ready when I got home. Good day besides the cheat...

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