Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Banana Soft-serve

If you love bananas, you'll like this recipe. If you love icecream, you'll LOVE this recipe. My Crossfit coaches have limited me to one banana a day... so it's hard for me to fit this in since I really really really like to eat a banana and peanut butter either for breakfast or before my workout. BUT every now and then we do this as a treat. Josh liked it, and we didn't give it to Carter for fear of his potassium creeping above his new normal which is on the low end of normal's normal. Does that make sense? Maybe not. But we try to keep him away from banana either way. Anywayssss... this recipe right here:

Delicious, fun, paleo-rific toppings such as dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, honey, nuts, nut butter

1. Cut up a banana. Put it in a ziploc bag or a tupperware. Put it in the freezer. Let it get good and frozen.
2. You can probably do this in a blender, too... I'm not sure. I put my banana(s) in the food processor and let it whirl until it's nice and smooth. You can even add a little almond or coconut milk if it's not a consistency you love with just the straight up banana.
3. Add your toppings and consume!!!

This is really a super treat to make if you just really need an icecream fix but don't want to fall off the wagon and end up at DQ like we do sometimes..... or eating/drinking something like this.....

 (The cupcakes were for our Cupcake Wars fundraiser for the Booster Club. That's homemade peanut butter icing that would make you slap yo' momma! The Mountain Dews are evidence of a very weak moment for me and
Josh during a trip to Publix.... yes.... those are 20oz cans.)

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