Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paleo Challenge: Day FAIL

As you may have noticed... I stopped posting my daily Paleo challenge updates after Day 5. I knew that would happen... but was trying to be optimistic that I'd actually have time on my hands to post daily. June was a whirlwind month. It was Josh's first month coaching on a regular basis, we bought a truck, Carter seemed to have 5,000 PT appts (in reality it was like 3)... It. Was. Chaos. But I loved it. My eating went off track after my first unintentional cheat (OJ in Tropical Smoothie Cafe's smoothies is NOT Paleo). The rest of the month was a nutritional blur. I barely made it to the gym (literally 2 days a week some weeks...) and I'm getting rather fluffy. One of my very best friends got engaged last weekend and is getting married in three short months. I'm using that as motivation to get back on track. I'm due for another 24 Day Challenge mid-July, so I plan to kick-start my fat loss there. I'll indulge on the 4th, but after that - I mean business! Our family is gearing up for the furlough... restaurants will not see our faces often. Meal planning, budgeting, and penny pinching are about to take the Piatt's by storm. While it's not an ideal situation, it will be good for my diet to have to cook at home and take my lunch. Wish me luck and I'll keep y'all updated on my progress!

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