Friday, June 28, 2013

Weak Women of the World

This week I went to a grocery store to pick up some sandwich trays for a baby shower. I opted to skip a cart because I was in a hurry and didn’t want to bother with walking it to a designated area to return it. I carried the trays up to the front from the deli to checkout. The lines were not long, but were not moving quickly. When I got to the front, the cashier realized that they had not put prices on the trays in the deli. She walked them back to have them priced. When she returned, she told me that I needed a buggy “These trays are too heavy for you to be carrying.” I told her I didn’t want one. She replied, “They’re too heavy.” I ignored her as she finished ringing my three items. Before I could hand her my cash, she left the register and proceeded to bring me a cart…. I told her firmly “I said I didn’t want a cart. I’m in a hurry. Can I please pay?” Her reply, “I’m just trying to help you out. Those are too heavy to be carrying around.”
Women of the world - Pick up a dang barbell. I challenge you to find a gym (not limited to CrossFit!) and strength train with free weights. NOT rubber coated 2 pound dumbbells that people can literally prance around with. Real weights. I don’t care if it’s a 15 pound trainer bar. Feel that iron in your hands, and know that it can make you strong. It hurts my heart that this woman thought 10 pounds of food was heavy. How are we as women supposed to carry our babies if we are weak? How are we to clean our houses if we can’t lift a bucket of water? How can we do laundry if the large bottle of All seems to exhaust our arm strength? Those statements are extremely sarcastic… but seriously… I’m SICK of weak women. Don’t wait for a man to move your furniture for you, or pick up the big bag of dog food – know that you are strong enough to do it yourself!
That lady better be glad I was in a hurry, or she would have probably received part of this message. With all that said… I’m thankful that Josh found CrossFit, and that I finally came around to it. It has changed my life in more ways than one. I will NEVER be weak. I will always surround myself with strong women who won’t say “that’s too heavy, get a cart,” but would rather say, “let’s see if you can add a few more!” Commit today to being strong. See where it takes you. I promise you’ll feel better in everything you do. If you think lifting weights will make you bulky… read this post – I can’t put it any better than they did. If you’re worried men will be intimidated by you, DON’T BE. If they are, they’re not worth your time. Most men will respect that you’re taking care of your body, and think muscles are HOT. If you’re scared to start on your own – find a personal trainer or join a CrossFit box. Moving weight can be dangerous if you’re not doing it right, so do research and learn the basics if you’re just starting out. Everyone starts somewhere, and I urge you to start today!

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