Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Girls: Back to Basics

Event: The Girls - Back to Basics

Series: Garage Games

Hosted By: CrossFit Garage

Location: Woodstock, GA - The Garage Gym

Date: 6.29.13

Category: Rx Male

Ranking: 5/26

CFI showed out today. Christian podiumed at 3rd place for Rx Males while Josh took 5th. He had a first place finish in Elizabeth and PR'd his previous time by almost a minute. Emerson took 5th for Scaled Male. You can see the final results here. Just like at X's & Y's, this event was organized and moved QUICK. WODs started at 0900, and we were finished and on the road by 1400. Lisa, Carter, and I drove over the morning of the competition. We missed the first two events, but were able to watch all of the competitors complete the final WOD.

WOD #1 - Elizabeth – 21-15-9
RX – Power Cleans 135 and Ring Dips
Scaled – 95 and Box Dips

WOD #2 - Little Eva – 3 rounds, 400M Row, 20 Pull-ups, 20 KB Swings
RX – 2pood (70#)
Scaled – 3 rounds, 300M Row, 10 Pull-ups 10 KBs (1.5pood)
WOD #3 - Nasty Girls AMRAP – 10 Minutes:
RX – 50 Squats, 7 Muscle Ups, 10 Hang Power Cleans 135
Scaled – 8 minutes – 50 Squats, 7 pull-ups, 10 HPC 95



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