Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paleo Challenge: Day 4

Sadly, the days that I'm at work I'll be unable to take photos of my meals. Cravings are getting fewer and farther between, and I'm down two pounds. Belly is noticeably less bloated, even though it still feels like I have fiery arrows embedded in my ovaries. Yay! Anyway, Day 4 looked something like this....
A couple of egg muffins and iced coffee with almond milk and stevia.
Some of my curry chicken salad and fruit salad.
While I cooked dinner I snacked on some avocado and tomato. I nearly lost my finger in the process of slicing the avocado. It was worth it though.... those babies are YUM.

This Jalapeno Dijon Chicken is the best grilled chicken EVER. It probably helped that I used a ton of super-fresh ingredients - like the jalapenos from my mom's garden, and the rosemary from my yard. I even grilled them myself... which was terrifying as always. I used boneless chicken thighs, and marinated mine for a full 24 hours. The flavor is ridiculous. You should try it.

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