Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for technology

We really do live in an amazing day. I'm so thankful for the many avenues of communication and functionality technology has provided us with. Some of my favorites:

- This blog. I'm able to archive the most beautiful moments of our life, and also share them with our family. All while venting my creative outbursts.

- Facebook. I have groups for my CrossFit family to socialize, our OEIS support group is organized through Facebook, and I can keep up with family, friends, and children who's medical stories I'm following. FB is definitely my social media of choice.

- Skype. When my aunt and uncle lived in Germany we would Skype with them. It came in REAL handy when my mom went over there and my brother was missing her.

- GPS. Could we get anywhere without it? I think not.

- Banking. I love being able to transfer money back and forth, check my balance, and look through my history online. I haven't ventured into the "photo check depositing" zone yet. Some day.

- The Google. I Google everything. Seriously. One time I Googled why roaches always die on their backs. Do it. The Google knows everything.

- Church. Our church has an online campus where you can watch past messages, read the One-Year Bible, search Small Group options, and find basically any information you could ever want to know about Church of the Highlands. They also broadcast one message from the Birmingham campus out to all of the other campuses live. They're even in 8 prisons throughout the state!

Technology has it's pros and cons, but I believe God gave our generation these tools to better society and use it to spread the message of the love of God. There is hardly any area that can't be reached with the gospel in this day and age. The internet has boundless resources, including the ability to translate into any tongue for any nation. Use it for good!

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

- Psalm 96:3

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