Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year in Review: 2013


Josh has really flourished as a person. He's still pretty quiet around people he doesn't know well, but coaching has really brought him out of his shell. 

He also got a brand-spankin'-new truck this year. 

Josh put a lot of work in this year. We went to 8 or 10 CrossFit style comps, an Outlaw Training Camp, and his first USAW sanctioned meet. He finally saw the podium at a team competition, Deprivations Doomsday, where he, Jake, and Christian completely dominated. He podiumed again at his weightlifting meet, taking silver in clean and jerk and total for his weight class. 

He put Christmas lights up! He talks about it every year, and he finally came through. 


He turned two!

Medically, this has been our absolute best year with C. He has had ZERO surgeries in 2013, and ZERO hospitalizations! We've had several UTIs, but overall he has been a healthy boy. We're still struggling with low iron levels after many infusions during the year. Hopefully 2014 will be the year we kick anemia. From the PT side, he took his first steps and never looked back - boy is a walking machine now! He's finishing up the year with the Early Intervention program, and will transition to the school system PT when he turns 3. 

We had Carter dedicated on Mother's Day this year. I'm so thankful we found a church like Highlands to raise him in. He loves it and begs to go!

We got rid of the bottle! Carter finally started eating pretty well, so in October, we decided to lose it. 

Carter LOVED Christmas this year. We had a blast with our Advent calendar and made so many memories. The first photo is last year, second is this year. His personality has really bloomed! Lol


I cooked more this year than I probably ever have. I've really enjoyed experimenting with whole foods and new recipes. 

I ran my first 5K. Props to Amanda McQueen for getting my butt in gear for the event, and sticking with me on the course. 

My best friend got engaged AND married! I loved being a part of the process and the big day. 

I exercised a lot less. With furloughs and the dismissal of our Wellness program, along with occasional laziness, or just unavoidable scheduling, I rarely made it to the gym. My parents invested in some equipment for Christmas for us to have a garage gym. Here's to hoping 2014 brings a healthier me!

I've had a very introspective year. I dug deep to find the source of my stress and anxiety and realized that I'm very unfulfilled in some areas of my life. I'm praying hard that 2014 will be a year of new beginnings, balance, memories, and maybe some risk-taking. 

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