Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Top 10

You know how sometimes you just have awesome weekends even if there's nothing really that spectacular going on? This was one of them!

1. Josh worked all weekend! Just kidding :) But it is nice for me to have Carter all to myself every now and then. We had a good weekend together - he's the sweetest kid.

2. I did a 3 mile run on a Saturday morning - SAY WHAT?!

3. We went to Greyson's ball game, and even though they lost, we had a really great time! Danielle and Nichole came out to watch, too!

4. We took alot of naps. I'm so glad Carter still takes two naps a day.

5. I finally went through our "big" closet and sorted through all the stuff that just got shoved in there when we moved in. Amazing, the things you find.

6. Carter and I had some allergy issues this morning due to all of our weekend outdoor activities, so we skipped church. During his morning nap, which was extra long due to the crud - I had a date with Pinterest. I planned out my strategy for teacher appreciation week, and also found my recipes for this weeks bake auction at work.

7. We took a trip to Michael's and Walmart for bake auction supplies and random household necessities. I'm so glad Carter loves to go as much as I do! Kid loves a ride in a buggy!

8. I made (translation: applied an iron-on decal to) a shirt for C to wear for Walk of Life this coming weekend.

9. Apparently I was in an organizing mood today, because I went through my jewelry box and scrapped a ton of stuff, too. It's so bare looking. I love it!

10. Laundry is done. Kitchen is clean. Bags are packed for tomorrow morning. Child is asleep. And I still have energy. Which means I get to do one of my favorite things that doesn't happen often anymore - read a book! Currently my kindle is sporting "Kill Alex Cross" by James Patterson (my all-time favorite author).

Tomorrow is Monday - make it GREAT! After a weekend full of accomplishments (no matter how trivial) I'm deciding now that the coming week is going to be full of success and happiness. It's going to be a busy one, so I hope you can keep up ;)

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