Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kickin' it into High Gear

THIS GIRL IS SO BUSY!!! Run down of the week so far...

Monday. Work. Running around for Booster Club ALL afternoon. Work. Headed home around 3:30. Got in a short mile. Shower. Cooked fish tacos for dinner. Helped get Carter squared away for bed. Then we made a run to Academy for golf tees, Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a snack, and Walgreen's for Josh some sinus medicine. Then we actually went home and got Carter IN bed. And we all slept.

Tuesday. Weighed in for Biggest Loser - down half a pound - YES! Teambuilding class for work. Lunch with Shannon was AWESOME. Apparently I'm on a smoothie kick. We had Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Back to class. Then headed to Prattville to pick up sponsorship signs for the golf tournament. Picked up the kid brother from after school care since dad had a work dinner, and mom's still in Europe. Josh cooked poppyseed chicken for supper while I put together 60 goody bags for the golf tournament. Then we made cookies for dessert. Eventually dad came and got Grey, and then we went to bed.

Wednesday. Dropped C off at daycare. Straight to teambuilding. Went to work and checked email and forgot that I needed to eat. Ended up with string cheese, applesauce, and almonds - I was starving by 1. Finished teambuilding class around 3:30. Picked up C and swung by the parent's house to clean out the litter box since the men can't handle it without gagging. As soon as we got home at 5, I started baking. One ooey gooey butter cake, and 32 simply delcious strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese icing. I somehow managed to bake these, and ice the cupcakes, change C's bag, feed him, and whip up a strawberry banana smoothie with my left over puree by 8o'clock. He finished eating and went to bed around 8:15, and I cleaned the kitchen up, made formula, and got a shower.

Which brings us to now.....

I. are. tired. alot.

Tomorrow is back to "regular" work, and the bake auction (which is what all my baked goodies are for). I also have to make sure everything is squared away for the golf tournament Friday... it's gonna be amazing! AND I get to drive to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon to get mom from the airport! I'm so excited to hear all about her trip. I hope she sleeps on the plane, because I'm making her talk the whole way home! Friday I'll get to relax some after registration for the golf tournament. Hopefully my golf game will be decent and the weather will cooperate. Then Saturday is Walk of Life!

I hope everyone's having a great week - we've made it to the hump! Remember to keep a positive attitude! Love y'all!

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