Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing - The Cat Food Challenge!

My friend Shannon talked me into joining a diet challenge hosted by one of the trainers at Montgomery Multisport. Shannon is a triathlete, and she's really great at motivating me (and others)... and now she's introducing me to even more amazing people! Last Thursday was the introduction meeting to this challenge. My body was in shock just hearing the things I was going to put it through... had to swing through McDonald's on the way home for a coke! Anyone who's ever told you that "free" is always a good thing LIED to you - read the following and you'll understand why. This diet is:

sugar free
gluten free
dairy free
alcohol free
soy free

No processed foods. No legumes (that means no peanuts/peanut butter). No sweeteners or sugar substitutes. No gum. No mints. No cokes. No alcohol. No cheat days!

Yes: fruits. vegetables. lean proteins (to include eggs). "good" fats (olive oil, coconut/almond products, clarified butter). water. black coffee. unsweet tea.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to be CRAZY. The good news is it is temporary. The challenge starts tomorrow, May 1st, and will end on May 31st. There is no cheating. If you cheat, you defeated the purpose of breaking the addictions. We're told the first week is tough. We're also told we'll survive and be better for it. This diet is all about breaking food addictions, stomping cravings, and giving out bodies real food for fuel. Some side effects are weight/body fat loss, lowered heart rate during cardio activities, and more regulated insulin levels. We're entering into the last 6 weeks of our biggest loser challenge at work, so this is just the kick in the rear I need to keep losing - I'm in 3rd place right now. I'll continue my running and exercising, and hopefully I won't lose to many friends when I'm grumpy because I haven't had a chocolate/carb fix. I spent the weekend getting in anything I wanted that I can't have for the 31 days. Tonight I had doritos and brownies for dinner. It's going to be a looooong May - wish me luck!  ;)

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