Sunday, April 22, 2012

here we go again...

Sunday night... *sigh* ...the night before Monday. Monday's eve. Ohh the horror. Just kidding :) I can't wait to start another week. Last week finished up wonderfully. The bake auction went well, the golf tournament - even better. I had a blast playing with my dad, Chris, and Jeff. Saturday morning Carter and I did Walk of Life with Mrs Terri and Nichole. The rest of the day we hung out with Meemer.. did a little running around to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Carter and I took a massive nap from 4-7pm. Then we ate dinner, did a bag change, and headed home for more sleep. This morning Josh got home and cut the grass, then we went to Montgomery to Salsaritas, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Academy. Got myself some motivational items: a new hat to run in, new socks since mine were causing blisters, weighted gloves for my kickboxing class, a new sports bra, and some body glide. This afternoon when we got to mom's I did a 2 mile loop around Richfield - it was beautiful and breezy. My goal for this week is to log at least 10 miles. Josh registered for his first Crossfit event - #4#, and I registered for the Color Run 5K in Birmingham. He sure hates me spending money, but is trying hard not to discourage me from my fitness efforts ;) This week will be much more low-key, thank goodness. I think the most exciting thing is teacher appreciation week! This is why I'm up so late... I've been baking cupcakes.

Devil's food, fluffy white icing, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

...And Josh some Southwestern Egg Muffins...

Now it's time to get to bed... the guest bed... he's already snoring like a freight train. Glad he doesn't read my blogs ;) Y'all make it a great Monday! Thank the good Lord for waking you up another morning, even if it happens to be a Monday morning!

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