Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In a Nutshell

I've thought about this blog for a REALLY long time. There are alot of things on my mind/heart that don't necessarily deal directly with Carter's journey, that I wouldn't want to clutter his blog with. So here we are! A brand spankin' new, Piatt-full, layin' it all out there blog - just for me! For this first post, I'm going to make some points that describe my life as Devan Piatt in a nutshell.

- I am trying to find my balance as a wife/mother/employee/child-of-God/my-own-person at the green age of 22.

- I am married to an amazing man and father - Josh Piatt. We're coming up on our 1 year anniversary - May 28th. He's a firefighter in Montgomery, a fitness fanatic, and an amazing father.

- I am the proud mother of the sweetest, most handsome little boy on the planet - Carter Bryant Piatt. He's 15 months old now - his birthday is January 11th (1/11/11!!). Carter was born with a rare set of birth defects known as OEIS... thankfully his is a fairly mild case. To read more about Carter's medical journeys click here. He is SO full of joy and happiness, and Josh and I are SO beyond blessed to be his parents.

- I work in IT... which is also what my bachelor's degree is in. I graduated with that bad-boy May 14th of last year. However, I'm not sure college has seen the last of me... and I ain't talking about grad school! I'm still praying about where I need to be career-wise.

- I was born and raised in a Baptist family. I was raised in church, went to private Christian schools my whole life, have backslidden my fair share, and am now trying to get our family where we need to be spiritually. God has shown us so much through our trials with Carter, and we are no stranger to His miracles. We've recently begun attending a church down the road, and we love it - plus, they're great with Carter!

- Completely raw, unedited, uncensored Devan is a passionate and emotional individual. I'm a good listener. I have very few close friends, because I'm particular. I am completely brainless sometimes (I blame pregnancy for killing my brain cells). I love to cook and do laundry. I am a Triple C addict (carbs/caffeine/chocolate). I am re-discovering my love for physical fitness. I am super close to both of my parents and my 8 year old brother. I'm an animal lover. My favorite color is red. I love-love-love Christmas more than any other holiday. I love charities of all shapes, sizes, and causes. I joined a sorority my junior year of college - I call DZ's "sisters". I absolutely am horrific at math, but I'm a wonderful spell-checker/document editor. I love to read. I never know what's going on because I don't watch much TV. Bad weather makes me feel crummy, and good weather makes me giddy. I have a need for speed and a driving record a mile long. My birthday is August 20th. And that brainless thing is coming into effect because I can't think of any more random facts about myself......

I'm excited to share funny family stories and pictures, good recipes and books, and my sometimes rambling and deep thoughts. I hope you'll enjoy this new blogging adventure!


  1. I'm so looking forward to this new blog. You are such an amazing writer and I love reading about your family! Love you!