Monday, July 7, 2014

Love, Mom

Tonight I can't stop thinking about a sweet friend who's mom is battling cancer. Cancer is stealing bodies from this world at an alarming rate, and our only solace is that it can't grip the souls attached to them as it slinks back to the pits it came from. Imagine preparing to say goodbye to your mom. I can't. Mothers share such an intimate bond with their children that good, bad, or indifferent parenting can't take away from the fact that your mother is an integral part of your being. They are the vessels by which God brings new life into the world. Their body grows our life and brings us into material existence. They are endowed with the job of bearing and raising each tiny life and will endure every choice they and their child makes and the impending consequences and outcomes. And they are inevitably aging... And someday we'll part ways and we'll have the truths they taught us... The life lessons... The love - that never goes away. My sweet Aunt Kelli has a tattoo in her mother's beautiful script, that reads "Love, Mom" taken from the end of a letter Gran had written her. Such a simple, common closing... But a testament to the most innate act of a mother.  

Lift up my friend Jordan and his mom. Pray for peace and comfort and assurance of a better life beyond this one. 

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