Monday, February 23, 2015

Snotting, Snoring Toddler-Monster

Dearest husband,

I assume you're comfortably sleeping in your cot at the fire station. Remember that one time when Carter acted possessed when they were trying to get his IV in? You know, when we had him in a head lock and he was screaming at the nurse "Get you hands offa me!!!"? And we kinda giggled because there's so much anger trapped in such a tiny body? Well, he just reenacted that scene in our living room over me clipping his toenails. The demons within him were wailing "Not my yittle tootsies!!!" He had giant crocodile tears and snot and drool... which made me laugh really hard. I think I'm a bad mom.

Hurry home! #itsyourturn

that crazy "yay-dee" torturing your kid

Carter has a sinus infection... we went to the doctor today for the 3rd time in 3 weeks - yay for flex cards.... that are now tapped out! Anyway, now our snot-nosed, snoring, mouth-breathing, drool-dragon is snuggled up on Josh's pillow sleeping soundly.

4 year olds are fun, y'all!

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