Saturday, February 1, 2014

Slow Down

Today my mom and I went to the commissary to grocery shop. We forgot it's the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday and were completely unprepared for the masses of people present at the store. It was chaos and we forgot a few things on our lists, so while she stood in the line that had begun to back up down one of the store aisles, I ran back to the front section for some Parmesan cheese. On my way back to the cart, bobbing and weaving through the "traffic" at a nice clip, an elderly lady flagged me down at the end of the aisle. I almost passed her because I was moving so fast. I wasn't even sure if it was me who's attention she was trying to get. All she needed was help getting a bottled drink off of a high shelf. She was so sweet, and gave me a good reminder to slow down and look for opportunities to help others. 

Along the same lines... Today I said these words to Carter:

"Carter, don't run, you'll fall."

Never saw it coming :) Time is flying by, and my boy is showing me his strength and resilience each and every day. We're starting a small group that's focusing on parenting, and I'm very excited. At the moment, Carter has been in bed for over an hour, and is still fighting bad guys... Which could translate to fighting sleep. Parenting is hard. Parenting boys is really hard. And parenting boys like Carter seems to be the hardest! I'm looking forward to gaining insight from other seasoned parents, and learning how God wants us to grow our kids. 

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