Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Combat at Calidus

Event: Combat at Calidus
Powered by: Hi-Temp Athletics

Hosted By: Elijah Muhammad

Location: Tuscumbia, AL

Date: 9.8.13

Category: Rx Male

Ranking: 15/27
This was a great event. There were several athletes present that have competed at the Regional level, and it was awesome to watch them do work throughout the day. The competition ran smoothly and the lunch provided for athletes was a nice surprise - steak and sweet potato! They also provided great swag bags. This may have been the best event we've attended, mostly due to the great athletes. We were essentially there by ourselves, but as always the CrossFit Community proved itself. We met a lot of great people, saw wonderful sportsmanship in action, and overall enjoyed our day. With a field stacked with elite athletes, Josh was happy with his overall placement and really had to push himself to the limits to be competitive. Here's to hoping they do this one again next year - we'll certainly be there!
WOD #1
 For Time:
1,000m row
50 GHD sit-ups

*row will be scored as one event. Then there will be a score for total workout.
*15 min time cap on workout.
Waiting for the start

"In order to beat me, you're going to have to suffer."

This WOD was a ton of upside-down. He was spinning by the end of it.

WOD #2
 8 min to build to 1RM

 Hang Clean

 *tie breaker is deadlifts at weight on the bar.
*cannot decrease in weight.
Heaviest lift before time ran out. 325# Hang Clean.

Chillin' and watching Madagascar


WOD #3
 7 min AMRAP:
20 wall balls (20)

10 squat snatch

* weight will increase after each set of wall balls
*weight can only be put on by athlete after wall balls have been completed
*any style snatch is acceptable, as long as weight goes overhead in one fluent motion & is squatted & back to full extension while weight is overhead.


WOD #4
  For time:
40 yard sprint
Rest 1:00

Double Under
Deadlift 325/185
*sprint will be scored as one event.
Not necessarily built for speed, but he held his own :)

After a brutal day, we made the 3 hour trip home (with a quick stop at Chili's to refuel that machine of his). At 9pm, He continued on to the new box to help Jake tear some concrete up.... they pulled an all-nighter and finished right before the plumber came to do his thing! These are some dedicated folks - CFI members, never forget the things your coaches do to bring you amenities like a nice hot shower! :)

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