Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us
The last of us waited longest
For love to come her way
Trials and tribulations
Brought her to this day

The last of us had passion
Far too much for other boys
But this one, he's a keeper
And he'll pamper her for sure

The last of us prayed
Bright day and dark night
For that special someone
Who would make her heart feel light

The last of us found it
When she expected it the least
And love came soft and quickly
As she slumbered, sighed, and dreamed

And now the time's upon us
When we'll walk her down the aisle
The last of us is one of us
And boasts the most deserving smile

 I love you so much Nichole, and I couldn't be more happy for you and Cooper! 

Nichole is my oldest friend - since 2nd grade! She has been with me through everything... good & bad. She is the last of our group of girl friends (Savanna, Me, Danielle, Dede) to get hitched. She has been there for every major life experience: high school, college, pregnancy, and she stood beside me on my wedding day as my Maid of Honor. I am so thankful for a friend like her - someone who knows my past, my fears, my personality, and my secrets. She is going to be a wonderful wife, and I'm so happy that she finally found a man that complements her so perfectly. Cooper, welcome to the Sayer/Smith family!

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