Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 Reasons I Hate Nasty Outlet

Josh asked me to go by Nasty Outlet today to get food for their meal tomorrow at the station. I'm convinced that part of their training as recruits involves burning their taste buds off and making them immune to salmonella. That being said, here are 10 reasons I despise going to the Nasty.
1. There was a bird flying around in there. A real-life, capable of crapping bird. I've seen this before in Walmart and stuff. But never in a strictly grocery related store. And I overheard one of the clients say she'd seen a bat in there before?!?! It was disturbing... but not as disturbing as....
2. Chicken paws. What do you even do with these things?!?! There's no way there's a significant amount of meat on them. Is it like a ham-hock only poultry?! I'm stumped. Are these paleo?

3. The clientele present is less than attractive, socially unacceptable behavior abounds, and many are unaware of the most basic hygiene. That's all I have on that.
4. The meat department is always disgusting. Packaging is sparse and blood is abundant. Blecgh. The poor cashier actually thanked me for bagging my chicken and she was wearing gloves.
5. The floors are always gross.... Half of the aisles have some sort of unknown substance smeared down the middle.
6. Some of the produce was heavily guarded by flies and gnats.
7. I have seen a whole hog's face in there before. Sadly, there were none present today for a photo op. Poor piggies.
8. The EBT system was down. SAY WHAT?! I can't use my non-existent food stamps?! Oh yeah... gubment shutdown. Oops. I forgot.
9. The conveyer belts are always yuck. Probably because of the aforementioned pitiful meat-packaging.
10. The previous 9 points I have experienced more than once on my seldom-made trips to this establishment... this one was a first, though. I found this in the produce section. Georgia White Dirt. Not for human consumption. A "novelty item" apparently. And a steal at $1.38 per pound. Now the question is... what is it for?!?!?!
So that's it in a nutshell... why I despise frequenting Nasty Outlet... Happy Saturday!

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