Sunday, November 11, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Josh has been training really hard. He has the fever. He wants to go to The Games.
Lift. Run. Push. Pull. Jump. Squat. Climb. REPEAT.
Duct tape divas 
500# deadlift
Handstand push-ups 
 Double unders
The Open starts in March. He'll be competing here and there between now and then in some local events. Next up is the X's and Y's competition on December 1st. He'll be teaming up with our box's owners cousin - Beth - for this male/female team event. Yesterday they had "practice" and ran through one of the WODs for the competition. I participated in the first part of their workout, but had to leave because C's bag started leaking. I missed the main WOD, but heard it went well. Below are some photos from the first part of our workout...
 Britt - 125# front squat
 Josh's 44" box jump
 Mandy jumps high...
...And then higher. 40.5" box jump

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