Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming Soon! Crossfit Intrigue

Crossfit Intrigue
4039 Wetumpka Hwy
Wetumpka, AL
Website TBD
Opening Monday, September 17th!
**Pre-registering before this date will land you $20 off your first month!**
Our friends Mandy and Jake Baker are bringing Crossfit to Wetumpka! Both of them are amazing coaches and have a huge passion for this rapidly growing sport. They signed a lease on August 24th for this great "starter home" for their gym, and were approved for their Crossfit affiliation the very same day - what a blessing! The location is wonderful for those living in Wetumpka or Montgomery, and it's a short 10 minute drive from Gunter AFB. If you need to know more about Crossfit, check out the Crossfit HQ website here or read my posts that are Crossfit related here. Below you can check out the photo documentation of the building renovation! Josh and Jake work together at the MFD, and we have been so excited to help them get the building ready and get the word out about this new venture.
 This is the field - perfect for flipping tires or fences, or dragging sleds!
Before - this wall was in the way
After - the wall is gone!
Before - corner with bathroom
After - Josh putting up new sheet rock
Before - bathroom
After - bathroom
Before shots of the stairway and the office space it leads to
Before shot from upstairs (wall still intact)
Before shots of "waiting" room in the front entrance of the building
Checking out the backyard
Carter and Josh
Mandy and sweet Presley
C and Presley flirting

Carter "helping"

Random shots of the boys working... and C being cute!

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available!

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